Pediatric Care

When it comes to younger patients’ sports injuries, Dr. Jennifer Kargel loves being able to make an immediate difference in the patients she sees at Children’s Health.

“It’s very rewarding to be able to treat these injured patients, restore function of the hand, and get them back to the activities and sports they love,” Dr. Kargel says.

Once she began working with children, she knew that pediatric hand surgery was a perfect fit for her. “Kids are resilient and they heal so well,” Dr. Kargel says. “Even with injuries that seem devastating, they can bounce back and have excellent results very quickly.”

Along with her practice partner, Dr. Jonathan Cheng, Dr. Kargel treats all types of hand and wrist problems, from sports injuries to traumatic injuries. Together, they care for 2,000 to 3,000 children with various hand conditions each year. Procedures she performs include fracture and dislocation reduction and fixation, ligament and tendon reconstruction, trigger finger and trigger thumb release, and wrist arthroscopy.  She also treats children with congenital hand differences, including syndactyly (fingers connected to one another), polydactyly (extra digits of hand and foot), symbrachydactyly (parts of the hand shortened or missing), and radial dysplasia (hand bent severely inward and missing parts).